Delivery and shipping policy

Items which you are ordering through online means your agreeing to our delivery and shipping policy

Estimated Delivery time line?

Online standard delivery lead time is 10-15 working days, and 1 working day for log in the order. Delivery timeline is limited to within Bangalore city limits.It may vary for outstation orders and bulk orders.

Can you supply outstation delivery?

Online sales delivery is limited to Bangalore City only, for outstation delivery transportation and installation cost as per actual.

How do I get order confirmation?

Orders are subject to acceptance by Smart Desk office. Order confirmation Email and / SMS will be sent to you from our support team along with order number as a confirmation of coder acceptance.

Delivery / Physical presence at the time of delivery and installation?

We request some of your person or yourself to be present at the time of delivering the product for any defect or damage.And at the time of install to cross check the product.

How to track my order?

For new users click on register or log in,Once you log into the site, click on my account in the site.
With the help of order number you can track the order.

Order Placed  : Order is places to Smart Desk.
Received : Order received from customer
Login         : Order logged into factory
Manufacturing : Order is in manufacturing process
Ready         : Order is ready to ship
Shipping : Shipping to your place to which the delivery address is provided
Delivered : Delivered at you place.
Installation : Installation is in process
Completed : Order is completed
Cancelled : Customer cancelled the order

Cancellation Policy

What is Cancellation Policy?

We don’t allow any cancellation of order after 24hours from the time of order placed or before loggin into factory.