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Smart desk prides ourselves in not only delivering quality office furniture, but also protecting the privacy of our customers. You can trust that our checkout process is secure, and we also never rent or sell email addresses or phone numbers.

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Refund Policy

  • If the order is cancelled by the customer within 24 hours after placing the order online / rejected by us.
  • We will refund the full amount within 7 -10 working days.
  • Any other aspect refund will not be done.

Return Policy

  • We take utmost care to deliver the items in line with the order placed.
  • We don’t allow any return of material except damage during installation or manufacturing defects or wrong size.
  • We will exchange the damaged product only if intimated to us or our team at time of delivery or during the assembly process in writing.
  • Replacement of material takes time to manufacture; hence it takes minimum time to manufacture to resolve the issue.
  • Damages can’t be claimed if the packing is removed before installation.
  • The cost for replacement of damaged product will be borne by Smart Desk.

    Delivery and shipping policy

    Items which you are ordering through online means your agreeing to our delivery and shipping policy

    Estimated Delivery time line?

    Online standard delivery lead time is 10-15 working days, and 1 working day for log in the order. Delivery timeline is limited to within Bangalore city limits.It may vary for outstation orders and bulk orders.

    Can you supply outstation delivery?

    Online sales delivery is limited to Bangalore City only, for outstation delivery transportation and installation cost as per actual.

    How do I get order confirmation?

    Orders are subject to acceptance by Smart Desk office. Order confirmation Email and / SMS will be sent to you from our support team along with order number as a confirmation of coder acceptance.

    Delivery / Physical presence at the time of delivery and installation?

    We request some of your person or yourself to be present at the time of delivering the product for any defect or damage.And at the time of install to cross check the product.

    How to track my order?

    For new users click on register or log in,Once you log into the site, click on my account in the site.
    With the help of order number you can track the order.

    Order Placed  : Order is places to Smart Desk.
    Received : Order received from customer
    Login         : Order logged into factory
    Manufacturing : Order is in manufacturing process
    Ready         : Order is ready to ship
    Shipping : Shipping to your place to which the delivery address is provided
    Delivered : Delivered at you place.
    Installation : Installation is in process
    Completed : Order is completed
    Cancelled : Customer cancelled the order

    Cancellation Policy

    What is Cancellation Policy?

    We don’t allow any cancellation of order after 24hours from the time of order placed or before loggin into factory.


    What is Warranty of materials?

    We provide one year warranty for the materials supplied with resects to manufacturing defects only.Damaged due to misuse of materials dues not comes under warranty.

    Payment Policy

    What is payment policy? 

    It is 100 % advance at time of log in the order. 

    Is it safe to use debit card/credit card on your website?

    We use Third party payment gateway which provides sophisticated encryption to protect your card information to protect your card details. 


    How is assembly of the furniture done? 

    Our dedicated installation team will visit the site and starts the installation process.
    There is no charge for the installation and no money to be paid to the installation and delivery team.
    Outstation installation and delivery cost extra as per actual.
    Furniture installation will start only when all interiors work done, if applicable at site
    Assembly of furniture can be viewed for video link >>Click Here

    Issue of material after installation?

    If there is an issue with the furniture to be noticed to our installation team at the time of installation only.
    You will have 7 days time if there is any issues with respect to installation, These issues should be with respect to improper fitment , damage of materials / manufacturiung defects or general wear, Replacement will be done after the appropriate time

    Does your person helps in electrical and networking parts?

    Our team will handle only the furniture part, electrical and networking from your end only.
    Interiors work to be ready if applicable for the furniture installation to proceed. 

    Why the colour options are limited? 

    Colours selected are with respect to fast moving colours and delivery within timelines. In case of any other particular colour required please get in touch with our office Contact Us  
    Colour images in the product are just nearest representation .It may differ from actual colour supplied .Due to the nature of wood, fabric, glass and powder coating there may be batch to batch shade variation.

    Do you keep stock of the furniture? 

    It is all made to order. We do not have any warehouse where we keep any stocks. 

    What is the manufacturing process and the specifications? 

    Please refer our video link by >>Click Here

    Are your prices higher? 

    Prices are competitive and market rate with respect to specification and finish.


    No changes in the invoice can be once raised

    In the invoice the description will be mentioned as “Modular furniture” which includes all the line items

    HSN code: 9403/GST No: 29AFSPD7552D1Z7

    Can I get input credit?

    Yes, if you have a GSTIN number you can claim input credit. 

    Is Online and Offline prices are the same?

    Yes, Online and offline prices are the same with respect to material. Since online transportation cost is included the price.

    Do you offer space planning services?

    Smart Desk will provide professional space planning services if customer will email and accurate shell drawing of space to be designed. Our space planner will talk to you concerning your product needs and will provide a professional, scaled floor plan.

    Can we order for customized furniture? 

    We will be glad to help you with respect to customized specifications with in modular limits and colours through our regular project sales model. Please contact our office or +91 80 41499138

    Do you have a showroom or a physical location?

    We don’t have a showroom; we have a working office in Bangalore at below location
    Smart Desk
    #21/2, 2nd floor, Mission Road, Opp to Ad Labs, Bangalore – 560 027

    How to reach Smart Desk in case of any doubts? 

    You can call us at +91 80 - 41499138 
    ( 9.30 – 5.30 ) : Monday to Friday 
    ( 9.30 – 1.30 ) : Saturday.
    You can also email query at : 
    GST No : 29AFSPD7552D1Z7
    Location : Location map >>Click Here

    Note : Product image are shown are rendered images is only for the representation purpose, actual product may vary as per manufacturing standard.
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